ESP32 Display Controller and Graphics Library

◆ refreshSprites()

void refreshSprites ( )

Forces the sprites to be updated.

Screen is automatically updated whenever a primitive is painted (look at Canvas).
When a sprite updates its image or its position (or any other property) it is required to force a refresh using this method.
BitmappedDisplayController.refreshSprites() is required also when using the double buffered mode, to paint sprites.

SSD1306_OLED/128x32/CollisionDetection/CollisionDetection.ino, SSD1306_OLED/128x64/CollisionDetection/CollisionDetection.ino, ST7789_TFT/240x240/Sprites/Sprites.ino, VGA/CollisionDetection/CollisionDetection.ino, VGA/SpaceInvaders/SpaceInvaders.ino, and VGA/Sprites/Sprites.ino.

Definition at line 562 of file displaycontroller.cpp.