ESP32 Display Controller and Graphics Library

◆ virtualKeyToASCII()

int virtualKeyToASCII ( VirtualKey  virtualKey)

Converts virtual key to ASCII.

This method converts the specified virtual key to ASCII, if possible.

For example VK_A is converted to 'A' (ASCII 0x41), CTRL + VK_SPACE produces ASCII NUL (0x00), CTRL + letter produces ASCII control codes from SOH (0x01) to SUB (0x1A), CTRL + VK_BACKSLASH produces ASCII FS (0x1C), CTRL + VK_QUESTION produces ASCII US (0x1F), CTRL + VK_LEFTBRACKET produces ASCII ESC (0x1B), CTRL + VK_RIGHTBRACKET produces ASCII GS (0x1D), CTRL + VK_TILDE produces ASCII RS (0x1E) and VK_SCROLLLOCK produces XON or XOFF.

This method uses current codepage set using Keyboard.setCodePage()

virtualKeyThe virtual key to convert.
The ASCII code of virtual key or -1 if virtual key cannot be translated to ASCII.

Definition at line 257 of file keyboard.cpp.