ESP32 Display Controller and Graphics Library

◆ setupAbsolutePositioner()

void setupAbsolutePositioner ( int  width,
int  height,
bool  createAbsolutePositionsQueue,
BitmappedDisplayController updateDisplayController = nullptr,
uiApp app = nullptr 

Initializes absolute position handler.

Use this method to specify the absolute mouse area inside the rectangle (0, 0) to (width - 1, height - 1).
Optinally this method creates a queue that stores absolute positions generated by updateAbsolutePosition().
This method must be called one time to initialize absolute positioning.

widthAbsolute mouse area width. Mouse can travel from 0 up to width - 1.
heightAbsolute mouse area height. Mouse can travel from 0 up to height - 1.
createAbsolutePositionsQueueIf true a queue of absolute positions is created.
updateDisplayControllerIf specified (not nullptr) display controller mouse pointer is automatically updated.
appOptional fabgl::uiApp where to send mouse events.


Mouse.setupAbsolutePositioner(Canvas.getWidth(), Canvas.getHeight(), true);

Definition at line 194 of file mouse.cpp.