ESP32 Display Controller and Graphics Library

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void begin ( int  SCK,
int  MOSI,
int  DC,
int  RESX,
int  CS,
int  host 

Initializes TFT display controller.

This initializer uses SDK API to get access to the SPI channel.

SCKGPIO of clock signal (sometimes named SCL).
MOSIGPIO of data out signal (sometimes named SDA).
DCGPIO of D/C signal.
RESXGPIO of optional reset signal (sometimes named RESX, can be -1).
CSGPIO of optional selet signal (can be -1). Without CS signal it is impossible to share SPI channel with other devices.
hostSPI bus to use (1 = HSPI, 2 = VSPI).


// setup using VSPI (compatible with SD Card, which uses HSPI)
// SCK = 18, MOSI = 23, D/C = 22, RESET = 21, no CS  (WARN: disconnect VGA connector!!)
DisplayController.begin(18, 23, 22, 21, -1, VSPI_HOST);

Definition at line 180 of file TFTControllerGeneric.cpp.