ESP32 Display Controller and Graphics Library

◆ loadFont()

void loadFont ( FontInfo const *  font)

Sets the font to use.

Terminal automatically choises the best font considering screen resolution and required number of columns and rows.
Particular cases require setting custom fonts, so applications can use Terminal.loadFont(). Only fixed width fonts are supported for terminals.

fontSpecifies font info for the font to set.
SSD1306_OLED/128x32/SimpleTerminalOut/SimpleTerminalOut.ino, SSD1306_OLED/128x64/NetworkTerminal/NetworkTerminal.ino, SSD1306_OLED/128x64/RTClock/RTClock.ino, SSD1306_OLED/128x64/SimpleTerminalOut/SimpleTerminalOut.ino, and ST7789_TFT/240x240/SimpleTerminalOut/SimpleTerminalOut.ino.

Definition at line 806 of file terminal.cpp.