ESP32 Display Controller and Graphics Library

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void setColorForAttribute ( CharStyle  attribute,
Color  color,
bool  maintainStyle 

Selects a color for the specified attribute.

This method allows to indicate a color when the terminal prints a character with a specific attribute. If a character has multiple attributes then the resulting color is undefined. To disable attribute color call the other setColorForAttribute() overload.

attributeStyle/attribute to set color. Only CharStyle::Bold, CharStyle::ReducedLuminosity, CharStyle::Italic and CharStyle::Underline are supported
colorColor of the attribute
maintainStyleIf True style is applied. If False just the specified color is applied.
VGA/Altair8800/Altair8800.ino, and VGA/SimpleTerminalOut/SimpleTerminalOut.ino.

Definition at line 977 of file terminal.cpp.