ESP32 Display Controller and Graphics Library

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void begin ( gpio_num_t  redGPIO,
gpio_num_t  greenGPIO,
gpio_num_t  blueGPIO,
gpio_num_t  HSyncGPIO,
gpio_num_t  VSyncGPIO 

This is the 8 colors (5 GPIOs) initializer.

One GPIO per channel, plus horizontal and vertical sync signals.

redGPIOGPIO to use for red channel.
greenGPIOGPIO to use for green channel.
blueGPIOGPIO to use for blue channel.
HSyncGPIOGPIO to use for horizontal sync signal.
VSyncGPIOGPIO to use for vertical sync signal.


// Use GPIO 22 for red, GPIO 19 for green, GPIO 5 for blue, GPIO 23 for HSync and GPIO 15 for VSync
VGAController.begin(GPIO_NUM_22, GPIO_NUM_19, GPIO_NUM_5, GPIO_NUM_23, GPIO_NUM_15);

Definition at line 82 of file vgabasecontroller.cpp.