ESP32 Display Controller and Graphics Library

◆ fileDialog()

uiMessageBoxResult fileDialog ( char const *  title,
char *  inOutDirectory,
int  maxDirNameSize,
char *  inOutFilename,
int  maxFileNameSize,
char const *  buttonOKText,
char const *  buttonCancelText,
int  frameWidth = 200,
int  frameHeight = 250 

Displays a modal open/save dialog box.

titleThe dialog box title. If nullptr the messagebox has no title bar
inOutDirectoryInput and output selected directory
maxDirNameSizeMaximum number of characters allowed for the directory (ending zero not included)
inOutFilenameInput and output selected filename
maxFileNameSizeMaximum number of characters allowed for the filename (ending zero not included)
buttonOKTextOK button text
buttonCancelTextCancel button text
frameWidthDialog box width in pixels
frameHeightDialog box height in pixels
Message box result. uiMessageBoxResult::ButtonOK when a file has been selected. uiMessageBoxResult::Cancel on cancel.

Definition at line 1269 of file fabui.cpp.