ESP32 VGA Controller and Graphics Library
fabgl::Glyph Struct Reference

Represents a glyph position, size and binary data. More...

#include <vgacontroller.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t const * data
int16_t height
int16_t width
int16_t X
int16_t Y

Detailed Description

Represents a glyph position, size and binary data.

A glyph is a bitmap (1 bit per pixel). The fabgl::TerminalClass uses glyphs to render characters.

Member Data Documentation

◆ data

uint8_t const* fabgl::Glyph::data

Byte aligned binary data of the glyph. A 0 represents background or a transparent pixel. A 1 represents foreground.

◆ height

int16_t fabgl::Glyph::height

Glyph vertical size

◆ width

int16_t fabgl::Glyph::width

Glyph horizontal size

◆ X

int16_t fabgl::Glyph::X

Horizontal glyph coordinate

◆ Y

int16_t fabgl::Glyph::Y

Vertical glyph coordinate

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