ESP32 VGA Controller and Graphics Library
fabgl::KeyboardLayout Struct Reference

All in one structure to fully represent a keyboard layout. More...

#include <keyboard.h>

Collaboration diagram for fabgl::KeyboardLayout:

Public Attributes

AltVirtualKeyDef alternateVK [64]
VirtualKeyDef exScancodeToVK [32]
KeyboardLayout const * inherited
const char * name
VirtualKeyDef scancodeToVK [92]

Detailed Description

All in one structure to fully represent a keyboard layout.


Member Data Documentation

◆ alternateVK

AltVirtualKeyDef fabgl::KeyboardLayout::alternateVK[64]

Virtualkeys generated by other virtualkeys and shift combinations.

◆ exScancodeToVK

VirtualKeyDef fabgl::KeyboardLayout::exScancodeToVK[32]

Direct extended-scancode->virtualkey associations. Extended scancodes begin with 0xE0.

◆ inherited

KeyboardLayout const* fabgl::KeyboardLayout::inherited

Inherited layout. Useful to avoid to repeat the same scancode-virtualkeys associations.

◆ name

const char* fabgl::KeyboardLayout::name

Layout name.


◆ scancodeToVK

VirtualKeyDef fabgl::KeyboardLayout::scancodeToVK[92]

Direct one-byte-scancode->virtualkey associations.

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