ESP32 VGA Controller and Graphics Library
fabgl::uiAppProps Struct Reference

Properties of the application. More...

#include <fabui.h>

Public Attributes

uint16_t caretBlinkingTime = 500
uint16_t doubleClickTime = 250
bool realtimeReshaping = false

Detailed Description

Properties of the application.

Member Data Documentation

◆ caretBlinkingTime

uint16_t fabgl::uiAppProps::caretBlinkingTime = 500

Caret blinking time (MS)

◆ doubleClickTime

uint16_t fabgl::uiAppProps::doubleClickTime = 250

Maximum delay required for two consecutive clicks to become double click (MS)

◆ realtimeReshaping

bool fabgl::uiAppProps::realtimeReshaping = false

If true moving/resizing a window always repaints it, otherwise the moved/resized window is represented by an inverted rectangle

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