ESP32 VGA Controller and Graphics Library
vgacontroller.h File Reference

This file contains fabgl::VGAControllerClass definition and the VGAController instance. More...

#include <stdint.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <atomic>
#include "rom/lldesc.h"
#include "driver/gpio.h"
#include "freertos/FreeRTOS.h"
#include "freertos/queue.h"
#include "fabglconf.h"
#include "fabutils.h"
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struct  fabgl::Bitmap
 Represents an image with 64 colors image and transparency. More...
struct  fabgl::Cursor
 Defines a cursor. More...
struct  fabgl::Glyph
 Represents a glyph position, size and binary data. More...
union  fabgl::GlyphOptions
 Specifies various glyph painting options. More...
struct  fabgl::PaintOptions
 Specifies general paint options. More...
struct  fabgl::RGB
 Represents an RGB color. More...
struct  fabgl::Sprite
 Represents a sprite. More...
struct  fabgl::Timings
 Specifies the VGA timings. This is a modeline decoded. More...
class  fabgl::VGAControllerClass
 Represents the VGA controller. More...


enum  fabgl::Color {
  fabgl::Black, fabgl::Red, fabgl::Green, fabgl::Yellow,
  fabgl::Blue, fabgl::Magenta, fabgl::Cyan, fabgl::White,
  fabgl::BrightBlack, fabgl::BrightRed, fabgl::BrightGreen, fabgl::BrightYellow,
  fabgl::BrightBlue, fabgl::BrightMagenta, fabgl::BrightCyan, fabgl::BrightWhite
 This enum defines named colors. More...
enum  fabgl::CursorName : uint8_t {
  fabgl::CursorPointerAmigaLike, fabgl::CursorPointerSimpleReduced, fabgl::CursorPointerSimple, fabgl::CursorPointerShadowed,
  fabgl::CursorPointer, fabgl::CursorPen, fabgl::CursorCross1, fabgl::CursorCross2,
  fabgl::CursorPoint, fabgl::CursorLeftArrow, fabgl::CursorRightArrow, fabgl::CursorDownArrow,
  fabgl::CursorUpArrow, fabgl::CursorMove, fabgl::CursorResize1, fabgl::CursorResize2,
  fabgl::CursorResize3, fabgl::CursorResize4, fabgl::CursorTextInput
 This enum defines a set of predefined mouse cursors. More...
enum  fabgl::ScreenBlock { fabgl::FrontPorch, fabgl::Sync, fabgl::BackPorch, fabgl::VisibleArea }
 Represents one of the four blocks of horizontal or vertical line. More...

Detailed Description

This file contains fabgl::VGAControllerClass definition and the VGAController instance.